A Focus on Sound

Gardens are often a place where spending peaceful time means getting away from the noise of modern civilization, but a complete lack of sound is not necessary or even preferred. The sounds of the natural world are important to many who sit in gardens, and they love to listen to the sound of moving water, birds and even the scampering of small animals. The natural whisper of the wind can give them a way to escape their harried life, and even the faint tinkle of metal wind chimes can add to their feeling of relaxation.

People who understand they need a place of contemplation must first decide how much noise they really want to hear, and they will find it is best to study their own habits before embarking on creating their special place. For some, the noise must be completely natural. They will be best off planting items that will attract small creatures, and adding a path for water to move will suit them best.

Many people are willing to let nature take its own course, but they feel the addition of man-made elements enhances their experience. They like the sound of the wind, but soft breezes are not always enough, and these are the people who will hang wind chimes on tree limbs. They find the sound completes their experience, and it helps them commune more closely with the natural world. It is not a constant sound, so it rarely becomes an irritant.

There are many ways to create sound in a garden, but it does take some research to find what will be best for each individual. Learning how to attract small creatures with different plants is often learned at the local nursery, so it is best to take the time to explore before planting. For those who want a touch of civilization in a natural setting, shopping for pleasing chimes that will capture the wind is an opportunity to explore their own focus on sound.