Glass Art for Gardens

A restful breeze flits through the trees and bushes as the sunny afternoon wears on. It is time to relax and enjoy the garden. There are flowers and trees, bushes and vines and beautiful works of art. These works of art are made of both ceramics and glass. The glass art is as fascinating as it is beautiful because it is made of recycled glass that helps make the world a greener place.

Bird feeders and mushrooms have been a popular item for gardens lately. Old bowls, saucers and plates are perfect to make these beautiful garden decorations at home. They cost very little money and take less than an hour to create once a person has learned the knack. They are also available on many craft sites and in green home shops. This is a great way to recycle old glass items and make them useful again.

Both the feeders and the mushrooms consist of multiple pieces of glass that are glued together. A mushroom is easiest to make. Simply take a bud vase in any color and find a bowl that is either clear or has a complementary color to the vase. Turn the bowl upside down on the bud vase and glue them together. It is that simple.

Making bird feeders from gently used teacups is just as easy as making a mushroom. It requires a teacup and matching saucer for a basic feeder that rests on a table, bench or the ground. For a feeder that rests on a pole, simply glue a bud vase upside down to the bottom of the saucer. Birds also appreciate a teaspoon glued to the saucer. It gives them a place to rest while they enjoy the bird seed. They will come back time and again to enjoy the feeders and give bird watchers hours of pleasure.