Learning Lessons In The Garden

Growing up in the modern world is often a sterile experience where children are force fed information at a rapid pace, but not all their lessons have to be quite so dramatic. For a family that is lucky enough to have the space for a garden, part of their child’s education can be a fun learning experience in the home. Children often love to play in dirt, and it is a natural step to let them assist when it is time to plant or even weed the garden. Giving them a say in how it is set up and decorated with art pieces can be additional lessons in how to create a space of beauty.

Playing in dirt has always been a normal way for children to experience the world, but not all parents see it in quite that light. They see their child getting dirty, but they should see the houses, roads and businesses the child can create as they move the dirt around. Their imagination can be an amazing thing to witness, so harnessing their love of playing in dirt can be a good way to introduce them to the art of starting and keeping a garden.

The natural beauty of a garden requires a great deal of maintenance, and plants must be watered as well as weeded. For those who want a perfect place to enjoy the outdoors, getting rid of weeds can be an obnoxious task. Children might not see it in quite the same light if they are taught young to enjoy the results, so letting them have a hand in weed removal is a good lesson in how to take care of a garden.

While natural beauty is the most important facet of many gardens, adding decorative pieces can add a sense of whimsy and fun. Children, with their unbounded imaginations, are often good at understanding how important this facet of gardening can be when creating the perfect green space. Allowing them to help find pieces is a good way to see how well they understand gardening, and it can be a good way to encourage their love of green spaces as well as outdoor art.